So finally you are here! Recently, I decided to try Netflix to watch a Web-series and thus Googled about Neflix Free Trial. There are several Netflix Plans available including the Premium and the Normal ones and you can try any of them for 30 days free but there is a catch! You need to register using a working Credit Card to Activate Netflix Free Trial. Well, no one wants to share their Credit Card details just for trying any service, irrespective of the Genuineness of the Service you are using. Hence, I decided to try it without using Credit Card through a Trick and the same trick I am going to share here. Excited? Let’s keep on…

Netflix free trial without credit card

BONUS: Check the last trick to get Netflix for Free without Credit Card, which is still working and will work forever. 😉

Netflix asks us to share Credit Card details so that they can auto-charge your Card once your Free Trial gets over and you can continue using their services. So here you will also learn How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial so that you can avoid any additional charges if you are using your own credit card. 😉

Before proceeding ahead with the Trick and Guide, let’s first understand few things about Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American company (since 1997) which provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. You can watch your favorite movies, show or Webseries on demand. To try Netflix you can opt for the Netflix Free Trial and Enjoy Exclusive TV Shows & Movies for Free for 30 Days or more (Netflix Free Trial 3 Months). As mentioned before, Netflix currently offers different plans fulfilling different requirements of the Subscriber. Netflix is providing it’s services in most of the major countries such as UK and US including India too.

Netflix Premium Account Features

  • Enjoy SD, HD & Ultra HD Video Quality
  • Also, Available in Ultra HD Option that can be used on your smart Ultra HD TV.
  • You can use multiple devices like laptop, TV, Tablet and Smartphone.
  • Unlimited Movies and TV Shows
  • Cancel Netflix Plans anytime

Netflix Premium Plan for Free

Netflix Plans 2020

Here is quick overview of the Netflix Latest Plans for the year 2018. These plans can be enjoyed or subscribed for 30 days absolutely free under Netflix 1 Month Free Trial.

Note: The Netflix plans were little cheaper in 2018-19. The plan prices below went little up starting in 2019 and following in 2020.

Netflix PlanPrice (Per Month)Number of Screens at OnceResolution
Premium$15.994HD + Ultra HD
  • Basic Streaming Plan: $8.99/month, max resolution of 480p, only one device at a time (back in 2018 the same plan costed $7.99)
  • Standard Streaming Plan: $12.99/month, HD max resolution of 1080p, two devices at a time (back in 2018 the same plan costed $10.99)
  • Premium Streaming Plan: $15.99/month, Ultra HD max resolution of 4K, four devices at a time (back in 2018 the same plan costed $13.99)

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How to Activate Netflix Free Trial without Credit Card?

Here is step-by-step guide on How to Activate or Get Netflix Free Trial Account of any Netflix Plan without Credit Card.

Step 1: First, Visit the Netflix Website Clicking Here.

Step 2: You will see a Introductory Demo Page. Just click on “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” button to begin Netflix Trial Signup.Netflix Account, Netflix Account 2018, Netflix Premium Account, Netflix Premium Account 2018, Free Netflix Account, Free Netflix Premium Account, Netflix Free Trial, Free Netflix Trial,  Free Netflix Trial 2018, Netflix Free Trial 2018, How to get Netflix Free Trial, How to Activate Netflix Free Trial Account, How to Get Free Netflix Account

Step 3: Next, you have to Select or Choose your Choice Netflix Plan. You can even select the Netflix Premium Plan and enjoy the benefits for free for a month. So just click on SEE THE PLANS and you will get a Screen showing the available plans with their benefits.Netflix Plans Trial Free 2018

Basic Plan (Trial) – Stream at SD Quality with 1 Screen at once. Thereafter You will be Charged $8.99/month.

Standard Plan (Trial) – Stream at HD Quality with 2 Screens at once. Thereafter You will be Charged $12.99/month.

Premium Plan (Trial) – Stream at HD + Ultra HD Quality with 4 Screens at once. Thereafter You will be Charged $15.99/month.

Press CONTINUE after you select the Plan.

Step 4: Now, Enter your Email and Password to Signup for a Netflix Account.

Step 5: On next step, you have to choose and submit the Payment method. Though your Netflix Trial is Absolutely Free, but they take this information for the future charges i.e., the charges after your trial expires. So just Enter your Credit Card/Debit Card details in order to complete the signup process. (You can refer the trick below to Signup for Netflix Free Trial without Credit Card. 😉 )

Note: You’ll get free access to any Netflix Plans for 1 month, thereafter you will be charged to continue your Netflix Premium Membership. You can simply cancel the free Netflix trial account before the Trial ends. The Guide to Cancel the Netflix Trial is added below.

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How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial?

In order to Cancel the Netflix Free Trial Account after 30 trial days or before the Free Trial Expires, just follow these steps below. If you don’t cancel or if you wish to continue using Netflix Plans then you will be charged as per your selected Netflix Plan.

Step 1: Visit Netflix Website, Login to your account and head over to your Netflix Profile.

Step 2: Select Your Netflix Account in the Drop down menu.

Step 3: Now in the left sidebar, you will find MEMBERSHIP & BILLING Section which includes the option to CANCEL MEMBERSHIP. Just click that Button.

How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial

That’s it. You have successfully cancelled the Netflix Membership or Netflix Subscription whether it is Netflix Free Trial or Paid Plan.

Trick to Get Netflix Free Trial without Credit Card

Here are some methods to Get Netflix Premium Account or Netflix Trial Account for Free without using your own hard credit card. The trick is to use the virtual cards provided by some online wallet websites or apps. So, we are going to Signup at such websites which provides Virtual Credit Card and using those Cards we can activate or get Netflix Free Trial Account. This way, we avoid using our own Credit Card and there’s no question of getting charged!

Let’s check such sites one by one with the steps to follow.

#1: Wirex Virtual Credit Card (International)

wirex virtual card for netflix free trial

1. Visit Wirex Website by Clicking Here.

2. Login or Sign up for a Wirex account and Verify it.

3. After successful Sign-up, go ahead and fill your Profile Information.

4. Then, Tap on “Order Card” option.

5. Now, choose your currency (USD, EUR or GBP).

6. Submit your Currency and you will instantly get your Wirex Virtual Card for free.

7. So it’s now the time to activate or register for Netflix Trial Account. Use your Wirex Virtual Credit Card to Enjoy Free Netflix Trial Account.

8. That’s It!!  Enjoy Latest Premieres and TV Shows on Netflix for free.

#2: ICICI Pockets App (India)

Pockets App by ICICI Bank also provides Virtual Card for Free using which you can register for Netflix Trial Account. But well, this works in India only. So if you are Indian then follow the steps below.

1. Firstly, Download Pockets App by ICICI

2. Login or Sign up for your ICICI Pockets Account.

3. Complete the signup process on ICICI Pockets App.

4. In Account Section or Home Screen, you can see a Virtual Credit Card (Card Number, CVV, Expiry Date).

5. Just use those Virtual Card Details to Sign up for a Netflix Premium Trial Account.

#3: Paytm Payments Bank Virtual Card (India)

One more Indian Virtual Credit Card Provider App. This is new and working fine. So Indian Readers can try this.

1. Download Paytm App HERE for Android/ iOS

2. Login or Sign up for your Paytm Account.

3. Complete the signup process on Paytm App.

4. Now Apply for a Paytm Payments Bank Account.

5. Complete all the required Paytm Payments Bank Requirements (eKYC Process, etc).

6. Now, after successful verification by Paytm, you can see a Virtual Credit Card (Card Number, CVV, Expiry Date).

7. So use the Paytm Payments Bank Virtual Credit Card to Sign up for a Free Netflix 30 Days Trial Account.

#4: Sign up using Paypal (International)

In Order to Sign up for a Netflix Trial Account without Credit Card or Debit Card, you can use Paypal. You will need PayPal Verfied account to do so. Just follow the steps below.

1. Visit Netflix Official Website by Clicking Here.

2. Then, Click on “Join Free for a Month” to begin Netflix Trial.

3. Choose your Netflix Plan.

4. Now, Enter your Email and Password and signup for a Netflix Account.

5. On the Payment Page, select PayPal and Login with your PayPal account.

6. That’s it. So this was one more easy way to Signup for Netflix Trial Account without Credit Card. Hope this helps.


Fix them right now!!

Always Working Trick to Get Netflix for Free (75% Cheaper)

There were lots of working methods to activate netflix free trial without credit card, which worked and couple of them are still working. But to be honest and frank, those tricks were should-not-use or little risky tricks since those would seem little fishy in the eyes of Netflix. Anyways, there’s one easy trick using which you can grab the Netflix Premium Plan for almost Free and that too for forever (basically at 75% lesser rates). How? Just keep reading…

Netflix provides four simultaneous watch screens and that too in Ultra HD (4K) in their Premium Plans which costs $15.99 currently (at the time of updating this post).

Using the Premium Plan, you can enjoy the single Netflix Account on 4 different devices and that too at the same time.

So the trick is, SPLIT NETFLIX and USE. Sound easy and legit?

Just grab 3 more friends who are interested in using Netflix or who are also looking for method to Get Netflix for Free. Out of them, at least one should have a working credit card (or you can arrange one from your relatives or friends).

Now create a new Netflix account (which you can share with your friends) and purchase the Premium Plan.

Make the payment using your Friend’s Credit Card and that’s it. Now if you split the total amount between 4, each gets the share of 25% only which means you got the Netflix Premium Plan at 75% lesser rate, right?

You can pay your friend (whose card was used) in cash or other payment options. 😉

This is simple yet effective and legit trick and this shouldn’t stop anytime since we aren’t doing anything fishy or illegal here. You can continue using this for forever.

Hope you like it. If yes, please don’t mind sharing it. 😛

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers in the simplest way possible. Do check them if you are into any dilemma or having any query.

Question: What is the Price and Validity of Netflix Trial?

Netflix Trial is Absolutely Free and the Validity is of 30 Days i.e., One Month. You can activate and Enjoy any of the available Netflix Plans for free under Netflix Free Trial.

Question: Is there any Offer or Code available to Activate Netflix Free Trial for 3 Months or More?

Well, as of now, we didn’t find any on-going offer or trial code to activate Netflix Free Trial for 3 months or 6 months or more. You can currently only enjoy Free Trial for 30 Days. In future, if we find any then we will update here. So stay tuned and keep checking.

Question: Is there any harm in using my own Credit Card to Activate Netflix Free Trial?

No. There’s no harm. You can use your own credit card to get Netflix Free Trial but you i.e., your Credit card will be charged once the Netflix Trial expires. Though, you always have an option to cancel the subscription anytime, but if you wish to avoid any charges then don’t forget to Cancel the Netflix Trial Subscription before Trial expires.

Question: Is it legal and risk-free to activate netflix free trial without own credit card?

No, it’s totally risk-free unless you don’t indulge in activities like carding or stealing anyone else’s credit card without their permission. Make sure that you use your own credit card or grab one using the tricks gives above. These days it’s easy to get a virtual credit card from any app which can be used for Netflix Free Trial. Hope you got the point.

Wrapping up…

Hope this Guide on Netflix Premium Account for Free or Netflix Free Trial Helps everyone following it. If you are facing any issue or having any other method or trick then please share it through the comments below. See you soon with the new guide. Thank you!! 🙂




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